Edition 4

The Dinner 2022

Edition 3

Intervention 2021

Edition 2

Blind Date 2019

Edition 1

Open Call 2018

OPEN/OCCUPY started as a response to ongoing processes of gentrification in Berlin. The curatorial collective of the house regards gentrification as a power structure of domination, spatial and intellectual. Developing strategies of resistance, we share our collective spaces in Flutgraben artist house with activists from elsewhere. We seek to break up monocultures into landscapes of genuine diversities; create new narrations of social desire; expand and interweave human, social and natural ecologies: everything that breathes and breeds undoes and relearns. We bring attention to the local, to the neighbor, in the growth of future communities.


Edition 3

Intervention 2021

“Join us at Flutgraben, Berlin's largest artist-run studio building: Artists, activists and scholars have created a collective (art)work that spans the entire architecture of the building, integrating public and private spaces, hidden and open resources; to investigate space as a breathing body, as a commodity, as potential; to ask questions about the role of ownership, autonomy and transcendence within and beyond urban space.”

Artists & Groups

Alfonso Moral, Rilaben, Fehras Publishing, Practices, Francisco Montoya Cázarez, Katharina E. Schoeller, Marta Lodola, Maria Turik, Mikala Hyldig Dal and Gry Peulicke Björge, Pascal Stodieck, Lause 10, Multiverse...